Europe is becoming the destination of the biggest population of refugees since World War II. The fact that a huge number of people pushed to flee their countries, being the victims of war, civil conflicts, genocides, political and religious persecutions, extreme poverty or climate changes is among the international political and humanitarian issues that will affect the global developments for the years to come, is now undeniable. The cruel reality of the countless deadly shipwrecks  recorded at the borders of Europe -let alone the long and dangerous attempts to enter Europe through the South-eastern Mediterranean countries- and the desperate struggling for life, obliged the EU leaders to finally deal with the issue.

● The EU must finally assume responsibilities in accepting and relocating refugees, taking concrete actions towards their reception, with high regards on their rights and legal status, in the spirit of the Geneva Convention for refugees and asylum seekers, fighting back any notion of social dumping. Refugees and immigrants are not a burden but a positive presence in the EU, since their relocation revitalises the European population in many aspects.

● The necessity of forward -thinking European asylum and immigration policy is imperative.

The failure of Dublin II agreement is more visible than ever and it has to be abolished. The experience of Germany disregarding it- be it for a few days- proves it to be only a matter of political choice, just as the Party of the European Left for years now has never stopped to point out.

The concept of a fortress Europe that has to apply a stricter surveillance of its borders has to be abandoned altogether. The EU cannot continue on the securitisation approach, leading to military responses, such as the ones coordinated by the FRONTEX agency that the recent EU Summit opted to reinforce.  Or with the building of fences like the one the Hungarian government is building, materialising the ideological spectrum of the far- right, be it in Eastern or Northern Europe.  Fences at the borders against people gasping for life, dignity and freedom are reflecting the fences in the minds of the political and economic elites, still fantasising of a neoliberal white, Christian Europe, free from any “cultural contamination “.

● The Party of the European Left calls all the leftist and democratic forces together with the grassroots social movements in Europe in solidarity commitment towards the refugees and urges the political elites to guarantee their legal access to the EU, engaging the countries of acceptance, the transit countries and the countries of departure as a precondition to effectively control the criminal networks of human traffickers, that endanger and exploit the refugees.

● Finally and most importantly, the EU has to take specific political initiatives for peace in Syria and the countries wracked with wars and social collapse. To do so, the EU has to admit its huge responsibilities, deriving from years of speculation and exploitation together with obscure transactions, in order to gain profit from deteriorating countries and from humanitarian crimes.

The EU has politically supported and still supports directly or indirectly the dismantling of nations, provoking the major cause for migration.

Nevertheless, once again, military action and interventions such as the air raids the French government undertakes against Syria, totally unacceptable as they are, prove  once again that EU is still  oriented towards actions already  been proved fatal and only but aggravating the deterioration.

The Party of the European Left strongly condemns all military intervention, even if humanitarian reasons are being used as an alibi. It is now the moment to face the results of catastrophic choices and opt for a new strategy,  oriented towards  restoring democracy, initiating an open and sincere dialogue, promoting negotiations  and proving absolute respect to the decisions, hopes and wishes of the people of all the severely traumatised countries.

There is no time to be wasted and no more lives to be sacrificed!